Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Perfect Exterior Projects for Spring

While winter might still be putting up a fight here in Davenport, Iowa, warmer temperatures are closer than you might think. With the onset of spring comes the urge to get outside and get to work on the spring fix-up projects around your home.
  • Roofing – Did the winter weather wreak havoc on your roof? Are you finding areas with loose shingles, soft spots or even worse leaks? Spring is the perfect time to upgrade your roof. While it might be a costly project, it is an important way to keep your home protected from the elements while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Landscaping – The warmer temperatures of spring often bring out the gardening bug in people. In addition to cleaning out garden beds and adding mulch, constructing a retaining wall or other landscaping feature is a great way to highlight unique areas of your yard.
  • Painting – Adding a bit of color or freshening up your current paint job is an excellent way to add a bit of sparkle to your home. Consider a whole new color scheme for a brand new look.
  • Additions – Do you need more space in your home? Home additions are an excellent way to create extra living space while adding interest to the exterior elevation of your home.
  • Decks – Spring and summer beckons us to spend time lounging outside. A deck is the perfect place to enjoy the exterior of your home. Design an outdoor kitchen or dining area and even a fire pit or cozy seating nook to add square footage and extra entertaining spaces.
  • Fencing –  Are you struggling to keep the neighborhood dogs out of your yard, or keep your own pets in? Or, perhaps your home is nestled up to a busy road, shares a lot line with nosy neighbors, or connects to a public space. Privacy fences are a great way to create your own outdoor oasis without sharing it with curious onlookers.

At JD Coussens, we offer a variety of residential building and remodeling services. Speak with one our team members about your exterior renovation projects. We are here to help you plan, design and construct the exterior space of your dreams. Contact us today to start the planning process for your spring renovation project – spring might be closer than we think.
Exterior Projects for Spring